New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors - 2nd Revised Edition

The New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors is the essential A to Z guide for anyone who works with words.
ISBN: 9780199570010
Page: 434
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2014
Language: English

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Endorsed by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, it offers invaluable support on 25,000 words that most frequently cause writers or editors confusion. Drawing on the expertise of Oxford Languages, it provides authoritative advice on words and nameswhich continuously raise questions because of spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, and cultural or historical context. As well as lexical terms, proper names are included: from place names and personal names to names of institutions, literary references, and books of the Bible. Entries give full coverage of recommended spellings, variant forms, misused words, hyphenation, capitalization, foreign and specialist terms, proper names, and abbreviations.


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