The Georgetown Dictionary of Moroccan Arabic: Arabic-English, English-Arabic

The Georgetown Dictionary of Moroccan Arabic is a modernized language resource for learning and studying Moroccan Arabic that updates the pioneering Arabic dialect dictionary published by Georgetown University Press over fifty years ago.
ISBN: 9781626163317
Author: Mohamed Maamouri
Page: 760
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2019
Format: Book
Language: Arabic

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Created using the latest computational linguistics approaches and tools, this etymological dictionary represents a new generation of Arabic language reference materials designed to help English speakers gain proficiency in colloquial Arabic dialects. Scholars and linguists are certain to find this complex and challenging dialect informative and useful in discussions of Arabic dialectology.

• Features over 13,000 Moroccan Arabic?English entries and 8,000 English?Arabic entries

• Provides entries in Arabic script and organized by root, as is standard in Arabic dictionaries

• Employs International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for all terms to demonstrate correct pronunciation and allow comparison across dialects

• Includes borrowed words commonly used in Moroccan Arabic, such as those from French, Spanish, and Amazigh

• Contains extensive example sentences and an appendix showing the roots of words with prefixes, both to help learners


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