Ukrainian Phrasebook & Dictionary

Whether you are familiarizing yourself with the language, or planning a trip to the republic of Ukraine, this is the phrasebook / dictionary for you.
ISBN: 9780781801881
Author: Olesj P.Benyukh, Raisa I.Galushko
Page: 206
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2008
Format: Book
Language: Ukrainian

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For business, education, or leisure, one must realize that this area once part of the former Soviet Union has a culture and language that is quite different from Russian. This language guide prepares its reader with fifteen chapters of situational phrases suited to: traveling by rail, trolley, car or bus; coping with emergencies; Ukrainian shopping; exchanging currency; getting along at a hotel; ordering a meal, and other daily life adventures. Each Ukrainian phrase is accompanied by an English translation and phonetic pronunciation based on North American speech. For handy reference, included is a 3,000-word mini-dictionary listed in both English and Ukrainian. With its countless tips to facilitate living, traveling and working in Ukraine, this is anessential and indispensable item for the traveler.


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