Essential Business Studies for Cambridge IGCSE® Student Book 2nd Edition

Support your second language learners with the clear approach of Essential Business Studies for Cambridge IGCSE 2nd edition, which builds understanding and confidence. It is matched to the Cambridge syllabus (0450) for final examination in 2019 and is wr
ISBN: 9780198399568
Author: Robert Dransfield, Leslie Garrett, Jane King
Page: 186
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2014
Language: English

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Clarify the essential concepts with the step-by-step approach
Ensure EAL students fully understand with specialist vocabulary clearly highlighted and explained
Engage students and link learning to real life with international, up-to date case studies
Consolidate knowledge and understanding with summary questions on every topic
Build assessment confidence with exam-style practice questions at the end of each unit
Help your students achieve their best with online access to multiple-choice questions for each unit and other interactive exam-style practice questions
A new edition for the latest Cambridge syllabus, for examination from 2020, will be available in 2018


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