Kaplan GMAT 800 - Advanced Prep for Advanced Students 9th Edition

The average GMAT score for those admitted to these programs is nearly 720. To bolster the competitiveness of your application, you need an elite GMAT score—and Kaplan GMAT 800 can help.
ISBN: 9781618654069
Page: 372
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2014
Format: Book + Online Materials
Language: English

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Developed especially for students aspiring to score above the 90th percentile, Kaplan GMAT 800 provides the advanced preparation you need. This book and its online resources give you hundreds of the toughest practice questions and proven strategies for handling difficult content. Test-taking tips and focused guidelines for tackling each question type all combine to make the ideal preparation tool for the student trying to reach a perfect score of 800.


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