LanguageCert B2 Exam Preparation Guide

The Book offers students exam preparation for the B2 level LanguageCert exam.
ISBN: 9789630598729
Author: Pásztiné Fritz Adrienn, Szabó Péter
Page: 220
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2017
Format: Book + Online Audio Material
Level: B2
Language: English

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The book offers students comprehensive exam preparation support for the B2 level LanguageCert examinations. The book reflects the official LanguageCert exam specifications and includes 6+1complete practice tests, as well as a wide range of skills development activities, guidance, strategies and tips. To facilitate self-study endeavours, an answer key and a script for the Listening tasks has been included at the end of the book. Full audio material for the Listening tasks is downloadable at with the code inside the book free of charge.


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