Succeed in Linguaskill - 8 Practice Tests - Self-Study Edition

Linguaskill is a modular online test which assesses all four language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. This gives you choice about the skills you want to assess. The book includes complete practice tests with exam tips and guidance.
ISBN: 9781781646922
Author: Andrew Betsis, Lawrence Mamas
Binding: Soft cover
Level: A1-C2
Publisher: GLOBAL ELT
Language: English

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Key Features

2 Linguaskill General & 2 Linguaskill Business complete Practice Tests in the printed book.
Candidates can access online 2 more General & 2 more Business Practice Tests
All the exam task types of the Linguaskill exam are included in each of the 8 Practice Tests.
A practical Exam Guide presents all the different tasks of the exam, step by step.
QR codes are included, in order to help students listen to the audio files using their mobile phones. Audio CDs are also available
Self-Study edition available with a Self-Study Guide that includes the Audioscripts and a full Answer Key.
Model Answers for the Writing & Speaking tasks, as well as explanations for the answers in the Reading & Listening tasks, can also be found online.


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