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This TOEFL study guide offers a concise and engaging coverage of the skills, strategies, and knowledge to improve both your test score and your academic English in a much shorter amount of time than with standard TOEFL iBT test preparation textbooks.
ISBN: 9781471590610
Author: Tammy LeRoi Gilbert, Dorothy Zemach
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2020
Format: Book
Level: C2
Language: English

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* Post-Tests for each section provide additional practice with all of the specific section skills.
* Two full Practice Tests simulate the test in content and length, further preparing you for success.
* An Answer Key with comprehensive answer explanations for all questions helps you understand why answers are correct or incorrect. Includes samples for Speaking and Writing answers.
* A complete Audioscript is included.
* A full audio MP3 program can be downloaded from the Express Publishing website Teacher's Corner Free Resources Audio CDs (
* The Express Digibooks platform offers a complete online/offline digital version of the book, including instant feedback on all tasks and progress monitoring reports. Itis designed for use at home, in the language lab, or on the move.


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