English for Language and Linguistics in Higher Education Studies Course Book with Audio CDs (2)

English for Language and Linguistics is a skills-based course designed specifically for students of language and linguistics who are about to enter English-medium tertiary level studies. It provides carefully graded practice and progressions ...
ISBN: 9781859649381
Author: Anthony Manning
Page: 131
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2008
Format: Book + Audio CD
Level: B2-C2
Language: English

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...in the key academic skills that all students need, such as listening to lectures and speaking in seminars. It also equips students with the specialist language they need to participate successfully within a linguistics faculty. Extensive listening exercises come from language and linguistics lectures, and all reading texts are taken from the same field of study. There is also a focus throughout on the key linguistics vocabulary that students will need.

Unit 1: What is linguistics?
Unit 2: Developments in linguistics
Unit 3: Language acquisition and learning
Unit 4: Language and technology
Unit 5: Language and society
Unit 6: English language teaching
Unit 7: Language testing
Unit 8: The spread of English
Unit 9: Translating and interpreting
Unit 10: Discourse analysis
Unit 11: Pronunciation and phonology
Unit 12: Grammar


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