English Timesavers: Reading Lessons - Photocopiable

The series of photocopiable resource books for English Language Teaching includes cross-cultural lessons, grammar, vocabulary or skill development, games, raps and communicative activities and everyday, practical English.
ISBN: 9781900702652
Author: Emma Grisewood, Juliet Meyers
Page: 80
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2002
Format: Book
Level: B1-C1
Language: English
Ages: 14-18 years

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A photocopiable collection of stimulating, topical reading texts which are specifically aimed at teenagers learning English. A wide variety of text types (from detailed articles to cartoons – all from recent issues of Mary Glasgow’s EFL Magazines) are accompanied by lots of excellent teaching ideas and tasks to help teachers exploit these texts to the full.Topics include: Extreme Sports, Animals, Homelessness, and Parents.


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