English Timesavers: Visual Grammar - Photocopiable

The series of photocopiable resource books for English Language Teaching includes cross-cultural lessons, grammar, vocabulary or skill development, games, raps and communicative activities and everyday, practical English.
ISBN: 9781904720010
Author: Mark Fletcher, Richard Munns
Page: 79
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2004
Format: Book
Level: A1-B1
Language: English
Ages: 10-14 years

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This book provides a comprehensive collection of the main grammar points covered at elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels, practised through a series of fun and lively picture prompts.
Ideal as consolidation and to provide further practice of recently acquired structures, either in class or as self-study at home. Activity types include gap fill and matching exercises, dialogue completion, and question and negative formation. Language points covered range from elementary structures such as present continuous and ‘going to’ to high intermediate tenses such as passives and future perfect.


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