Fun Learning Activities for Modern Languages: A Complete Toolkit for Ensuring Engagement, Progress and Achievement + CD-ROM

Students in Modern Foreign Languages often comment that languages are too hard and that they struggle learning a lot of vocabulary.
ISBN: 9781845908928
Author: Jake Hunton
Page: 256
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2015
Format: Book+CD-ROM
Language: English

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Fun Learning Activities for Modern Foreign Languages combines several different existing philosophies including those of Learning to Learn, Building Learning Power, The Teacher Effectiveness Programme (TEEP) together with the author's own philosophy of believing that Modern Foreign Languages can be taught to engage students to learn. The whole philosophy behind students learning a Modern Foreign Language is based around the following techniques which aim to provide learning and engagement: Word Recognition & Key Vocabulary Paragraph-Building Jake Hunton includes Vocab Fun-Learning Activities (VFLAs) - suggested teaching & learning strategies based on how to engage students in learning vocabulary. They are all in-class strategies that directly impact on students' engagement & their recall & recognition of vocabulary in the modern foreign language.


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