Talk-Less Teaching: Practice, Participation and Progress

Teacher-talk is a powerful tool. But while teachers must embrace teacher-talk as vital, they must also bear in mind that not all teacher-talk is created equally...Long periods of talk will not always keep a class spellbound.
ISBN: 9781845909284
Author: Isabella Wallace, Leah Kirkman
Page: 186
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2014
Format: Book
Language: English

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Other techniques are needed on which to help pupils embed learning and make progress. After all, how can we be effectively checking progress and understanding when it is we who are doing all the talking? How can we be certain that the sea of "attentive"faces before us is not simply contemplating lunch?
The solution is here--a vast bank of exciting, engaging, practical ways to allow learners to access and understand complex topics and skills without relentlessly bending their ears. Strategies which notonly prevent pupils from being passengers in lessons, but which also make progress visible to both teacher and learner.

In an entertaining and practical way, Talk-Less Teaching shows you how to encourage learners' responsibility for their own progress without compromising test results or overall achievement. Discover hundreds of tried and tested practical tips for helping pupils understand difficult concepts and learn new skills without you developing lecture-laryngitis.


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