The Teacher's Basic Tools - The Teacher as Manager

The books in this series serve as manuals discussing the most basic and fundamental issues as regards the topic area each one is treating.
ISBN: 9781846797637
Author: Suzanne Antonaros, Lilika Couri
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2009
Language: English

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They are meant to serve as quick references for teachers, offering them an on-the-spot suggestion or solution to questions they have on the specific subject, as well as practical, easy-to-prepare activities and self-monitoring activities for teachers. For further study and more detailed discussion and theory, teachers can refer to the bibliography in the back pages of each manual. Our position is that we are constantly interested in empowering learners. However, we need to think of empowering teachers as well. Our suggestions and proposed strategies or techniques are not "rabbits out of the hat", but age-old concerns approached in a more informed and up-to-date way.


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