World Stories - Macmillan Literature Collections Level C2

Unadapted short stories and matching reading comprehension exercises for students ready to make the transition from graded readers to unadapted literature.
ISBN: 9780230441194
Author: Kathrine Mansfield, Anton Chekhov, Henry Lawson, Anita Desai, Horacio Quiroga, Leila Aboulela
Page: 192
Binding: Soft cover
Series: Macmillan Literary Collections
Publication date: 2013
Format: Book
Level: C2
Language: English

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This collection brings together six stories from six different countries. They tell the tales of families and individuals, of love, loss and struggles against adversity. Their universal themes are coloured by the culture and society of the countries they describe. Stories include "The Darling" by Anton Chekov, "The Voyage" by Katherine Mansfield and "The Roof" by Horacio Quiroga, among others. Students can find pre-reading activities, ask-yourself-questions, glossaries, vocabulary exercises, language study points and more.


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