English for Academic Study: Extended Writing & Research Skills Course Book

English for academic study: Extended Writing & Research Skills takes students step by step through the process of producing an extended piece of academic writing, helping them to develop the writing and research skills necessary for the task.
ISBN: 9781859644867
Author: Joan McCormack, John Slaght
Page: 160
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2009
Format: Book
Level: B2-C2
Language: English

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Students make use of the authentic source materials that accompany the course to produce their own piece of extended writing. They are then encouraged to use the strategies they have learnt to produce a second piece of writing, within their own field ofstudy.This book can be used in conjunction with the following books in the English for academic study series, also published by Garnet Education: EAS Reading, EAS Writing, EAS Listening, EAS Speaking, EAS Vocabulary and EAS Pronunciation.


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