@work Elementary A2 Workbook with Audio

@Wark is a flexible, accessible course for anyone who needs to communicate in English at work or who is preparing for the working environment. Builds students' confidence by teaching practical, get-the-job done language in real-life, everyday context.
ISBN: 9788466813587
Author: Marion Grussendorf
Page: 71
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2013
Format: Book + Audio CD
Level: A2
Language: English
Ages: adult

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®Wark- offers: - flexibility and choice over the length, depth and method of delivery of the course. - scenarios which practise language and skills in motivating real-life non-executive contexts. - accessible language work with a solid, upfront approachto grammar and vocabulary. - innovative email section which coaches students in writing emails, with online templates for students' own use.


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