English for Law in Higher Education Studies Course Book with Audio CDs (2)

English for Law is designed for students who plan to take a business or management studies course entirely or partly in English. The principal aim of the book is to teach students to cope with input texts,...
ISBN: 9781859644171
Author: Jeremy Walenn
Page: 136
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2009
Format: Book + Audio CD
Level: B2+
Language: English

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...,i.e., listening and reading, in the discipline. However, students will be expected to produce output texts in speech and writing throughout the course. The syllabus focuses on key vocabulary for the discipline and on words and phrases commonly used in academic English. It covers key facts and concepts from the discipline, thereby giving students a flying start for when they meet the same points again in their faculty work.

Unit 1: Law and order
Unit 2: Landmarks in law
Unit 3: Crimes and civil wrongs
Unit 4: Computers in law
Unit 5: Theft 1: the Theft Act
Unit 6: Theft 2: appropriation
Unit 7: Contract law 1: consideration
Unit 8: Contract law 2: misrepresentation
Unit 9: Employment law
Unit 10: Homicide
Unit 11: International law
Unit 12: Human rights law


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