100 Things for Little Children to do on a Journey (Usborne Activity Cards)

Foglalkoztató-kártyák gyerekeknek hosszú utazásokra, angol nyelven. A csomagban található filctollal írhatunk a kártyákra, utána pedig letörölhetjük őket, így a játékok és a rejtvények újra és újra használhatók!Nyelvtanuláshoz is ideális
ISBN: 9780746089217
Author: Catriona Clarke (Author), Molly Sage (Illustrator)
Publication date: 2008
Format: cards
Publisher: USBORNE
Language: English

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This title features a brand new set of cards containing simple activities to keep little children busy on long journeys. It includes games such as noughts and crosses, as well as puzzles and quizzes using objects which can be found inside the vehicle orin the surrounding scenery. The cards are wipe clean and the pack includes a special pen with which to write the answers on the cards, making the pack entirely self contained and easily portable. The cards are robust and durable, ensuring repeated use.


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