Dr Rupy Cooks

Dr Rupy Aujla - the trusted medical doctor and food expert behind the bestselling Doctor's Kitchen - delivers over 100 fully photographed delicious and easy recipes that put flavour and nutrition first.
ISBN: 9781529148831
Author: Dr Rupy Aujla
Page: 256
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2023
Format: Book
Publisher: EBURY PRESS
Language: English

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Every dish is researched and developed to give maximum health benefit and ease while also delivering on amazing taste.

You'll find weeknight dinners, one-pot dishes, quick lunches, food for sharing, plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as gluten and nut free options every time - Rupy's no-fuss recipes are a joy to cook and eat, and healthy eating which feels indulgent and satisfying can become a pleasurable way of life.


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