Stephen Hawking: My Brief History - Audio Book (2CDs)

My Brief History recounts Stephen Hawking s improbable journey, from his postwar London boyhood to his years of international acclaim and celebrity.
ISBN: 9780804164283
Author: Stephen Hawking
Publication date: 2013
Format: Audio CD (2)
Language: English

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This concise, witty, and candid account introduces listeners to a Hawking rarely glimpsed in previous books: the inquisitive schoolboy whose classmates nicknamed him Einstein; the jokester who once placed a bet with a colleague over the existence of a particular black hole; and the young husband and father struggling to gain a foothold in the world of physics and cosmology. Writing with characteristic humility and humor, Hawking opens up about the challenges that confronted him following his diagnosis of ALS at age twenty-one. Tracing his development as a thinker, he explains how the prospect of an early death urged him onward through numerous intellectual breakthroughs, and talks about the genesis of his masterpiece "A Brief History of Time" one of the iconic books of the twentieth century. Clear-eyed, intimate, and wise,


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