Alan Bennett: Me, I'm Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Alan Bennett műveinek gyűjteménye angol nyelven.
ISBN: 9780571220427
Author: Alan Bennett
Publisher: FABER & FABER
Language: English

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Alan Bennett is the acknowledged master of the television play. This vintage collection of his work from the 1970s illustrates his skill and mastery of the medium from the beginning. Perceptive, poignant, truthful and very funny, the work here gives as much enjoyment in the reading as it did in the viewing, and provides a welcome addition to the Bennett canon.

The television plays included are A Day Out, Sunset Across the Bay, A Visit from Miss Prothero, Me, I'm Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Green Forms, The Old Crowd and Afternoon Off. This volume contains a new general introduction by Alan Bennett, as well as the original preface by Lindsay Anderson to The Old Crowd.


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