Dráma gyűjtemény angol nyelven.
ISBN: 9780413708304
Author: Shepard, Sam
Page: 383
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 1996
Format: Book
Publisher: METHUEN
Language: English

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Sam Shepard is 'the greatest American playwright of his generation...the most inventive in language and revolutionary in craft...the writer whose work most accurately maps the interior and exterior landscapes of his society' (New York magazine) Volume One of Sam Shepard's plays collects fourteen of his legendary plays from the sixties: The Unseen Hand; The Rock Garden; Chicago; Icarus's Mother; 4-H Club; Fourteen Hundred Thousand;Red Cross; Cowboys#2; Forensic & The Navigators; The Holy Ghostly; Operation Sidewinder;The Mad Dog Blues; Back Boy Beast Bait; Killer's Head."A poet of the theatre, shaping a new language out of broken words: an emotional seismograph registering the tremors which shake the substratum of human life" (The Times)


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