David Gemmel: Dark Prince

Young Alexander's soul has merged with evil. Now Parmenion, the most powerful warrior in ancient Greece, is forced to aid the boy in his constant battle between light and dark. Meanwhile, in another world...
ISBN: 9780345494788
Author: David Gemmel
Page: 560
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2007
Format: Book
Publisher: DEL REY
Language: English

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Meanwhile, in another world - a realm of chaos, where the creatures of Greece's legends still flourish and a malevolent ruler regins - Alexander is summoned to fulfill a prophecy. This ruler, a shadow reflection of Alexander's father, King Philip, seeksto devour the boy's heart in order to gain immortality and at last restore the fading magic of his land to the creatures of myth. Only Parmenion - guided by the seeress Derae, his lost love from another life - can hope to save Alexander. But who will save the young prince from the chaos spirit that threatens to conquer his soul?


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