David Gemmel: Hero in the Shadows

The ruined city of Kuan Hador reeks of dark mystery. Shunned by brigands and merchants alike, it is home to fearsome wild things - slavering white beasts who possess an insatiable appetite for death and destruction.
ISBN: 9780552146746
Author: David Gemmel
Page: 446
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2000
Format: Book
Language: English

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The sorcerers and their foul minions will soon be free to wreak a horrible vengeance upon all that lives. Oly a rag-tag group of unlikely heroes are prepared to stand against them: Kysumu, the Rajnee swordsman; Yu Yu Liang, a humble ditch digger with dreams of glory; Keeva Taliana, a warrior woman as fierce as she is beautiful; and the mysterious Gray Man, a man with a blood-drenched past known throughtout the lands of the Drenai as Waylander, the Slayer. Now, to defeat a timeless evil, an ancient riddle must be solved, and Waylander, the prince of assassins, must kill a man who cannot die.


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