David Gemmel: Lion of Macedon

The aged seeress Tamis has divined all the possible tomorrows. In every one, evil forces threaten Greece. The future holds only one hope: a half-caste Spartan boy, Parmenion.
ISBN: 9780345485359
Author: David Gemmel
Page: 528
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2005
Format: Book
Publisher: DEL REY
Language: English

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So Tamis makes it her mission to see that Parmenion becomes the deadliest warrior in the world - no matter what the cost. Forced to fight for his life every day, Parmenion has no notion of the magic and mystery that will shap his fate. He grows in strength and cunnin, and his military genius and triumphs for the city of Thebes make him a hero - and lead him into the service of Philip of Macedon. Yet, as Tamis had foreseen, Parmenion's destiny is tied to the Dark God, to Philip, and to the yet-unborn Alexander. But all too soon the future will be upon them. Will Parmenion stand strong to defeat evil- or open the gate for the Dark God to wreak havoc upon the land?


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