David Gemmel: Stormrider

The eagerly awaited final novel in the Rigante series. A sequel to the bestselling Ravenheart.
ISBN: 9780552146760
Author: David Gemmel
Page: 601
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2003
Format: Book
Language: English

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The Rigante are a conquered people. From their former seat of power the black-hearted Moidart rules; only in the north are the clansmen free. There, in the Druagh mountains, the outlaw leader known as Ravenheart waits as the Varlish armies of destruction creep slowly towards his stronghold, led by the Moidart’s only son, Stormrider. Ravenheart and Stormrider are unaware that the fate of their world lies in their hands. Both are destined to be heroes, but one of them is doomed. For a secret lost in the uncharted past has returned to haunt these two warriors as they face the vengeance of an ancient evil, rising from the bloodshed to slake its thirst…


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