Colleen McCullough: The Ladies of Missalonghi

Set in the early 1900s in the tiny town of Byron, nestled in the Australia's Blue Mountains, it tells of the blossoming of Missy Wright, 33-year-old spinster and poor relation of the town's ruling family, the Hurlingfords.
ISBN: 9780099536406
Author: Colleen McCullough
Page: 192
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 1988
Format: Book
Publisher: ARROW BOOKS
Language: English

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Missy, her widowed mother and crippled aunt live in genteel poverty, victims of the Hurlingford inheritance policy that gives riches and power to the male members of the family, who heartlessly abuse the women they dominate. Plain, painfully thin and doomed to dress always in serviceable brown, shockingly dark-haired in a clan of luminous blondes, Missy seems fated for da dreary future until a distant cousin, a divorcee, arrives from Sydney...


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