Ken Follett: World Without End (Film-tie-in)

'World Without End' takes place in the same town of Kingsbridge, two centuries after the townspeople finished building the exquisite Gothic cathedral that was at the heart of The Pillars of the Earth.
ISBN: 9780451418449
Author: Ken Follett
Page: 1043
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2012
Format: Book
Publisher: SIGNET BOOK
Language: English

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The cathedral and the priory are again at the center of a web of love and hate, greed and pride, ambition and revenge, but this sequel stands on its own. This time the men and women of an extraordinary cast of characters find themselves at a crossroad of new ideas - about medicine, commerce, architecture, and justice. In a world where proponents of the old ways fiercely battle those with progressive minds, the intrigue and tension quickly reach a boiling point against the devastating backdrop of the greatest natural disaster ever to strike the human race - the Black Death.


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