Leon Uris: O'Hara's Choice

Duty to country, love for family, and a doomed passion intertwine in the last epic novel from the bestselling author of Exodus and Battle Cry Paddy O'Hara was a legendary Marine and the inspiration for a fraternity of Marines known as the Wart Hogs.
ISBN: 9780007176304
Author: Leon Uris
Page: 394
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2004
Format: Book
Language: English

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After the Civil War, these stalwart warriors struggle to keep the Marine Corps alive. Their one hope may lie in Zachary O'Hara, the son of their hero, Paddy. Zachary grew up in the Marines and is dedicated to saving the Corps, though he hadn't planned on falling in love with the passionate, obstinate heiress Amanda Kerr. But Zachary is haunted by a secret, one that may force him to choose between a career as an officer in his beloved Corps or a life with a woman who fulfils his every desire.


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