Andrea Levy: Small Island

Set mainly in the British Empire of 1948, this story of emigration, loss and love follows four characters - two Jamaicans and two Britons—as they struggle to find peace in postwar England.
ISBN: 9780312429522
Author: Andrea Levy
Page: 441
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2010
Format: Book
Publisher: PICADOR
Language: English

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After serving in the RAF, Jamaican Gilbert Joseph finds life in his native country has become too small for him. But in order to return to England, he must marry Hortense Roberts - she's got enough money for his passage - and then set up house for them in London. The pair move in with Queenie Bligh, whose husband, Bernard, hasn't returned from his wartime post in India. But when does Bernard turn up, he is not pleased to find black immigrants living in his house. This deceptively simple plot poises thecharacters over a yawning abyss of colonialism, racism, war and the everyday pain that people inflict on one another.


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