Anton Csehov: The Kiss and Other Stories

While at a party organized by the local landowner for the officers of his brigade, the shy and awkward Ryabovich is suddenly kissed by an unknown woman in a dark room.
ISBN: 9781847494191
Author: Anton Pavlovics Csehov
Page: 278
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2016
Format: Book
Publisher: ALMA BOOKS
Language: English

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This unexpected, electrifying encounter, which he relives in his mind day after day, marks a turning point for Ryabovich, showing him that everything in life joy, sorrow, hope is equally pointless and subject to chance. One of Chekhov s most admired stories, The Kiss is joined in this volume by six other celebrated tales in a brand-new translation by Hugh Aplin: The Lady with the Little Dog , Ward Six , The Black Monk , The House with a Mezzanine , The Bishop and Peasants making this an indispensable collection for those wanting to discover Chekhov at his creative best.


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