Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness and the Complete Congo Diary

Renowned for its stylistic boldness and dramatic descriptions, Heart of Darkness is a stark yet subtle examination of the powers of the subconscious and the workings of western imperialism. This edition includes Conrad’s Complete Congo Diary.
ISBN: 9781847494016
Author: Joseph Conrad
Page: 128
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2015
Format: Book
Publisher: ALMA BOOKS
Language: English

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On a boat in the Thames estuary, Marlow tells his travelling companions of his reconnaissance expedition for a Belgian trading company to its most remote outpost in central Africa, which brought him on the trail of the elusive Kurtz, a brilliant idealist gone rogue. His account relates not only the perils he encounters on his quest, but also the deterioration of his state of mind as he is confronted with a world that is hostile and alien to him.


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