Eyewitness DVD - Shark

Ismeretterjesztő DVD angol nyelven.
ISBN: 9780756628321
Publication date: 2007
Format: DVD
Language: English

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There is little to rival the grace and beauty of a great white shark as it cuts its way effortlessly through the water, the supreme predator of the ocean. But not all sharks are the sleek and bloody killers depicted in films. Some, like the harmless megamouth, feed solely on plankton. With the Eyewitness Shark DVD, find out about the natural history, behavior, and habits of sharks and their relatives and why so many myths surround these magnificent creatures. See inside the mouth of a Great White, a school of Hammerheads, the rarest shark in the world, a Lemon Shark pup being born, and how sharks are tagged. Learn why it is so important for sharks to be saved, why South Sea Islanders worshiped the shark, how the Earth's magnetic field affects shark migration, how a shark can detect its prey, and what a Great White looks like to a diver in an underwater cage, and much, much more!


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