Transform Your Life with Colour

Colour speaks to us on a deep level, opening doorways to the mind and spirit.
ISBN: 9781782492078
Author: Charles Phillips
Page: 144
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2015
Format: Book
Publisher: CICO BOOKS
Language: English

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Our mood and sense of wellbeing can be powerfully boosted by the colours of the walls, furnishings and other objects in our homes, of the clothes we wear, of the flowers in our gardens, of the light in our living spaces - even by the colour of the food on our plates. Colour treatments can be used to safeguard and improve health: the therapeutic use of coloured gems, colour-infused drinks and coloured light derives from wisdom that can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Gathering together and illuminatingall these different aspects, 'Transform Your Life with Colour' is a lavishly-illustrated celebration of the world of colour. An introductory section describing how we perceive colour and how it affects us is followed by chapters on Colour and Clothes, Colour in Your Home, Colour in Your Garden, Colour and Nutrition and Colour, Health and Wellbeing. By discovering the colours that are right for you and unlocking their power, you can improve all aspects of your life quickly, easily, and for good.


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