Ádám Bodor: The Sinistra Zone (Sinistra körzet angol nyelven)

Lyrical, surreal, and yet unsettlingly realistic, The Sinistra Zone swims in the totalitarian backwaters of Eastern Europe
ISBN: 9780811219785
Author: Ádám Bodor
Page: 177
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2013
Format: Book
Language: English

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Entering a weird, remote hamlet, Andrei calls himself “a simple wayfarer,” but he is in fact highly compromised: he has no identity papers. Taken under the wing of the military zone’s commander, Andrei is first assigned to guard the blueberries that supply a nearby bear reserve. He is surrounded by human wrecks, supernatural umbrellas, birds carrying plagues, albino twins.


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