Gárdonyi Géza: Eclipse of the Crescent Moon (Egri csillagok angol nyelven)

ISBN: 9789631361544
Author: Gárdonyi Géza
Page: 560
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2013
Format: Book
Language: English

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The siege of Eger was an astonishing event. A small Hungarian Garrison commanded by István Dobó successfully resisted a huge Turkish army for nearly six weeks and forged it to retreat in disgrace. Dobó became a celebrated hero. But little is known of his explosives expert, Gergely Bornemissza, whose ingenious devices demoralized the Turks. It is his story that Géza Gárdonyi tells in Eclipse of the Crescent Moon, an exciting tale of chivalry and love, adventures and disasters, heroes and villains, culminating in the siege itself. Gárdonyi’s story, a convincing blend of history and fiction, has become a Hungarian literary classic and a firm favourite with adults and children alike.


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