Home for Now

ISBN: 9781782490968
Author: Joanna Thornhill
Page: 192
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2014
Format: Book
Publisher: CICO BOOKS
Language: English

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Home for Now provides styling and DIY advice on creating a beautiful home, whether you are making over or making do. More people are renting now than ever before, but the rental market remains surprisingly unflexible, with many tenants banned from making even the simplest alterations, such as hanging a picture or painting a wall. Even those who have managed to take that first leap onto the property ladder often find themselves with no cash left to renovate, so their first home is just a short stop-gap to their forever home ; they resort to a renter's mindset, unwilling and unable to invest vast sums in the fabric of their property and instead making do with quick fixes. Home for Now provides a blend of both inspirational and practical advice, showing how canny tenants have transformed their temporary abodes into stylish spaces.


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