Less: A Visual Guide to Minimalism

Simplify life and amplify living by mastering the fundamentals of minimalism through this visual guide to embracing a minimalist lifestyle.
ISBN: 9781465473509
Author: Rachel Aust
Page: 144
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2018
Format: Book
Publisher: ALPHA
Language: English

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How can living with less contribute to a greater sense of fulfillment? It seems contradictory, yet the minimalist lifestyle, which focuses on scaling back your possessions and simplifying your life to just the essentials, achieves just that. Adopt minimal living, and you'll find that less is more. Using decision trees, flow charts, icons, and other graphics, Less shows how minimalism can be applied to any area of life--including home, wardrobe, decor, cooking, cleaning, finances, and organizing your time--and how it can be adapted to suit your own goals and help you achieve your version of happiness.


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