A Collaborative Approach to Eating Disorders

While many aspects of eating disorders remain a mystery, there is growing evidence that collaboration is an essential element for treatment success. This book emphasises and explains the importance of family involvement as part of a unified team approach
ISBN: 9780415581462
Author: June Alexander (Ed)
Page: 344
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2011
Format: Book
Publisher: ROUTLEDGE
Language: English

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A Collaborative Approach to Eating Disorders draws on up-to-date evidence based research as well as case studies and clinical vignettes to illustrate the seriousness of eating disorders and the impact on both the sufferer and their loved ones. Areas of discussion include:

current research including genetic factors, socio-cultural influences and early intervention
clinical applications such as family based dialectical and cognitive behavioural treatments
treatment developments for both adolescents and adults with a range of eating disorders
building collaborative alliances at all levels for treatment and ongoing recovery.
With contributions from key international figures in the field, this book will be a valuable resource for students and mentalhealth professionals including family doctors, clinicians, nurses, family therapists, dieticians and social workers.


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