Michelin Green Guide - Budapest Hungary

Angol nyelvű Michelin útikönyv Budapestről és Magyarországról.
ISBN: 9781906261184
Page: 335
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2007
Format: Book
Publisher: MICHELIN
Language: English

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The long-standing Michelin Travel Guides are an ideal travel companion for travelers who really want to connect with the world. Get to know the local way of life through detailed background information on the country, people, and culture. Quickly identify the best places to visit using Michelin's star rating system. The best sites are highlighted on the sites map or you can follow a pre-planned driving tour. Experience two towns in one with Michelin's Green Guide Budapest and Hungary: Hungary's capital, Budapest, comprises Buda and Pest. Join the locals for a morning dip in a thermal bath in Buda, visit Pest's museums in the afternoon, and end your day with an evening cruise down the Danube. Whether it's a day trip to Lake Balaton or a walk around Bükki Nemzeti Park, Hungary has a wealth of opportunities for any sightseer.


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