Caccia ai Tesori con DVD e MP3 Audio CD

A journey through the "Italian world", from the characteristics and diversities of the Italian language, to the history and life of Italy's people and places.
ISBN: 9788820133627
Author: Antonella Filippone, Sandra Radicchi
Page: 208
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2011
Format: Book + Audio CD + DVD
Level: B1-C1
Publisher: LOESCHER
Language: Italian

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'Caccia ai tesori' is a multilevel course (B1-C1) for adolescent and adult foreign language students. The aim of this course is to develop practical language competency through cultural understanding. The coursebook consists of 11 thematic units full ofauthentic texts. Topics include: food and wine heritage, art and design, family and society, school and professions, the environment and the intervention of man, sport, music and entertainment, literature and languages.

The course contains a large variety of texts, activities and exercises on thematic vocabulary. Each unit comes with 2 audio tracks, varied by language level, and an authentic video. The book also contains grammar explanations, answer keys and transcripts of the audio and visual material at the back.


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