Hungary inside and out - Puzzles and riddles sprinkled with curiosities

A unique combination of country studies, cultural knowledge, and language basics that will deepen your love for Hungary.A detailed introduction to Hungary’s history, culture, and language.Equipped with a glossary for beginners!
ISBN: 9786155258787
Author: Kodaj Bálint, Kiss Gabriella
Page: 127
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2014
Format: Book
Level: A1
Publisher: PONS
Language: English

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A fun way of learning thanks to a variety of riddles, puzzles, and tests. Follow our lead through 10 chapters and explore this soulful country located in the heart of Europe! Amusing anecdotes, oddities, and cross-cultural peculiarities for those not only interested in learning the language but also in learning about Hungary.Ideal for autodidactic learners. Check your solutions with the answer key and improve your Hungarian pronunciation with the Pronunciation Guide!

Magyar tankönyv külföldieknek sok rejtvénnyel és a magyar kultúrát bemutató rövid szöveggel. A megoldókulcsnak és a szószedetnek köszönhetően önálló tanulásra is alkalmas.


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