Collins - Jamaican Student's Dictionary

Collins Jamaican Student’s Dictionary has been specially developed in association with teachers in Jamaica to ensure it meets the needs of students in Jamaican schools.
ISBN: 9780008399382
Page: 1088
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2020
Format: Book
Publisher: COLLINS
Language: Jamaican

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This dictionary – which is fully up to date – provides coverage of vocabulary from all curriculum subjects to ensure students have the language they need at their fingertips.
It includes a Unique Survival Guide that provides essential guidance on key aspects in the CXC syllabus including errors commonly made in exams. It features tips on essay-writing, exams, grammar, letter & CV-writing and guidance on punctuation and common spelling mistakes, helping students write effectively with confidence.
Additional features include entry words in colour for ease of use, detailed word histories and ‘Word Tip’ usage notes.
The social studies section provides essential information on the Caribbean and Jamaica with key facts and maps.


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