Vocabulary Success Advanced (C1/C2) - SELF-STUDY EDITION

The book contains vocabulary explanations and practice for advanced-level (C1& C2) learners of English. It is the ideal Vocabulary book for all candidates preparing for any Advanced-level exam.
ISBN: 9781781647172
Author: Andrew Betsis, Linda Lethem
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2020
Format: Book
Level: C1-C2
Publisher: GLOBAL ELT
Language: English

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QR Codes give students the chance to listen to the pronunciation of all the Key Words using their own smartphone or tablet.
Each unit introduces just the right amount of vocabulary (30 words) for students to learn and remember in one lesson. All the words are
followed by simple definitions and also by example sentences which help students see how the words are used in English.
Vocabulary Exercises follow the Key Words. These exercises help students learn the words even better and gain the necessary confidence
for the tasks that follow.
There is a main reading text, which is used as ‘input’ and also presents all the words in context. This enables learners to familiarise themselves
with the format of reading tasks at any exam at Advanced level, especially Cambridge and Trinity.


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