Objective Proficiency (2nd Edition) Student's Book without Answers with Downloadable Software British English

Objective Proficiency Second edition provides official preparation for the revised 2013 Cambridge English: Proficiency exam, also known as Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).
ISBN: 9781107611160
Author: Annette Capel, Wendy Sharp
Page: 192
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2013
Format: Book + Online Materials
Level: C2
Language: English

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A variety of challenging, lively topics provide thorough training in exam skills and high-level language development. Each unit contains three double-page lessons ensuring flexibility, even pacing and progress. Interactive software, downloadable from a URL contained in the Student's Book, provides activities for practice of exam skills, grammar and vocabulary. Exercises and examples tackle areas that Proficiency students often find challenging, identified using Cambridge's unique collection of real exam candidates' answers, the Cambridge English Corpus. A Student's Book with answers is also available.


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