The most hated topics at the ECL exam for individuals with dyslexia - Level B2 (with audio download)

This edition is the special version of the 2018 edition of THE MOST HA TED TOPICS with a special layout and letter fonts for individuals with dyslexia.
ISBN: 9786155386206
Author: Szabó Szilvia PhD, John Barefield, Papp Eszter PhD
Page: 328
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2019
Format: Book
Level: B2
Language: English

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The book prepares examinees for the ECL level B2 examination. In this book you can find tasks for every skill of the complex exam. Each test prepares students for both the oral and the written part of the exam. At the writing part a monolingual or bilingual printed dictionary may be used but thematic dictionaries and electronic devices may not.


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