Practise and Pass A2 Key for Schools Student's Book - Updated for the 2020 exam

Practise and Pass: A2 Key for Schools offers step-by-step preparation for all school-age students wanting to focus on passing the Cambridge A2 Key for Schools exam.
ISBN: 9783125017023
Author: Megan Roderick, Bernardo Morales
Page: 128
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2020
Format: Book
Level: A2
Language: English
Ages: 10-14 years

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Summary sections at the end of each Paper focussing on how to perform on the day
Exam tips for every Part of every Paper
Topic-based vocabulary mind maps
Key grammar rules and examples
Key phrases to help you express yourself well in the Writing andSpeaking tasks
One complete Practise Test in the book
Additional online Practice Tests


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