Academic Writing Skills 3 Student's Book - American English -

Academic Writing Skills is a three volume series that develops students' abilities to compose college-level essays.
ISBN: 9781107611931
Author: Peter Chin, Yusa Koizumi, Samuel Reid, Sean Wray
Page: 140
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2013
Format: Book
Level: C1
Language: English

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Each volume walks students through the process of ensuring the information in their essays is logically organized, written in a suitable academic style, and free of plagiarism through structured integration and citation of properly written paraphrases, summaries, and quotes. As students progress through the series, fundamental structures are reinforced, new elements are introduced, and more complex writing demands are required. In all, the Academic Writing Skills series is a complete instructional resource for students wishing to write authentic academic essays.

Academic Writing Skills 3 looks at the specific components of academic writing, such as avoiding logical fallacies, and synthesizing and improving the clarity of sentences. It is appropriate for advanced writing students needing to develop specific writing and analytical skills to complete academic writing tasks.


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