Arabic Voices 2: Authentic Listening and Reading Practice in Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Dialects

Arabic Voices is a two-part series designed to provide students of Arabic with an opportunity to hear and study authentic Arabic as it is spoken by native speakers today.
ISBN: 9780985816063
Author: Matthew Aldrich
Page: 190
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2014
Format: Book + Online Audio Material
Language: Arabic

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MP3s are available for free download.
The segments in Modern Standard Arabic provide valuable insight into native speakers' range of style and proficiency in the language.
The segments in colloquial Arabic dialects offer a fascinating look into the many varieties of Arabic, and how similar and different they really are from one another. Fine-tuning your listening to the idiosyncrasies of each dialect will truly help you better understand spoken Arabic.
Each "segment" (audio essay chapter) contains:
1) exercises to sharpen your listening skills and increase how much you can understand, whatever your level
2) in-chapter answers to the exercises (no having to flip back and forth to the back of the book)
3) a voweled transcript of the audio with side-by-side English translations
4) cultural and linguistic notes
5) web links to articles and videos related to the segment
6) select segments feature grammar focuses with additional exercises.


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